MESSENGER, 11×14 Watercolor Board matted and framed to 14×18. We recently visited the Petrified Forest here in Arizona and just down the road from where we live in Pinetop. While there I watched a crow perched on a no parking sign, it was clear he hangs out waiting for tourists to feed him. He was a character and really stuck in my mind. Later on that week we watched an old episode of X Files and it was about crows/ravens……next morning it was as though our condo was surrounded by crows, all very vocal….actually kinda creepy. Anyway seems I’m drawn to paint crows and did just that with this painting “Messenger”.
BRAZOS CLIFFS, 11 x 14 watercolor. Many years ago we drove through this area of northern New Mexico. The Brazos Cliffs are really amazing. I was aimlessly looking through old photos one day and came across this scene from that road trip. Here it is, years later with a new life. Enjoy!
CAW!!!! , 11 x 14 watercolor. Funny what can come of sitting alone in a parking lot eating and sandwich and some olives. This is what I saw that day in a Sedona parking lot out behind the art center.
The Magic Moment
THE MAGIC MOMENT, 11×14 watercolor ~~ You know the moment, it is just one.single.moment. You sense the specialness in the air….you look up and BAM! the sunset is spectacular. The shimmer, the magic of the stars just now showing up for their night watch. And then it’s gone. So many moments, so little time……*sigh*…it’s like that here in the American Southwest, magical.
CANYON JEWELS, 8X10 watercolor ~~ Standing at the edge the distant rim seems like a mirage. Sparkling and enticing, speaking to me in a soft whisper, “come over here!!!!”. I’m never satisfied I want to go further!
RIVER DREAMS, 8X10 watercolor ~~ It never fails to amaze me when the water glistens in the sunlight and waterfalls appear out of what seems just “rock”! I’m always wondering if I am just dreaming or if it is real!!!!
SEEING WITH NEW EYES, 8X10 WATERCOLOR ~~ I was a visitor to the canyons as a child but never really thought about it much. Age has afforded me a new perspective, a way at looking at this marvelous landscape with new eyes. Can’t get enough!!!
Spider Rock
SPIDER ROCK, 11 x 14 watercolor ~~ the first time I laid eyes on Spider Rock I couldn’t help but wonder about the early peoples who chanced upon this scene. I wonder if they were as dumbstruck as I was! There is a mystery about this location that draws me in and just won’t let go!!
Hokey Pokey
SOLD  Hokey Pokey, 20 x 20 acrylic on gallery profile board ~~ As a kid I can remember stopping at the tourist stop and seeing those cute tiny cactus….I even had one! I always thought things looked smaller as an adult but was proven wrong with cactus. Here in Arizona they are HUGE ! I am endlessly enthralled!!!! Oh to be a bird and sit at the very top!!