About ImagePaula Snyder
Pinetop, Arizona USA

I am an artist from Pinetop, Arizona USA. After living in the American Southwest for many years, I recently relocated to the cool ponderosa pine forests of Northern Arizona. It may seem counterintuitive to think of Arizona in that way…..I find it serene and dramatic to say the least!

My art is inspired by the rich colors of Arizona, wide open spaces, desert landscapes, streaming rivers and solitude. All flavored with the joy of seeing far and running wild.

Watercolor, acrylic, mixed media are all mediums I prefer to work with.  My palette choices when working with watercolor are mostly limited to just a few jewel like colors because I feel they most closely express what I experience in the Arizona landscape.  When working with mixed media I tend to vary my palettes and strive to reach for concepts that explore our inner landscapes and human nature. Color is always my first consideration when creating art.

My art education has been mostly self-taught and/or with the assistance and support of online classes and fellow artists.  I have not only learned the craft of art but have also come to understand and appreciate that we all have something to give.  Currently my giving takes the form of teaching art in my small mountain community and volunteering to support our local art association.

My goal is to bring the wonder of nature, and a sense of comfort and personal expression to those who view my art. And possibly through teaching and volunteering, to help others understand that art is for everyone and creativity is within each of us.

I hope my work helps you to see with new eyes and I would be honored for you to purchase my art for your home, office or as a gift.



Born and raised in Colorado, I have always had an affinity for the outdoors, wide open spaces and the desire to “run wild”.  Those desires have taken me to the wilds of Wyoming and Cape Cod seashores, the badlands of New Mexico and  now the canyons of Arizona. I currently live in Pinetop Arizona with my husband and my ever faithful feline studio assistant, Audrey.

Having recently retired from the corporate work world, I am enthused to be able to walk to my studio each day and set about learning who I really am without the mask of work titles.


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