Even I wander, do you?

This has been a strange week, just sort of aimlessly wandering here in StudioLand.  I’ve been here each day painting but kind of just dabbling………gestating my next canyon, I suppose.

My art association hosts the local high school art students tomorrow (Friday).  There is some great talent there.  We put up the show last night and it looks really nice.  If you are local be sure to come by from 5-7 for some hot cider and a chance to support the emerging artists in our little community.

In other news, I have signed up for the Let’s Face It 2019 class.  I’m committing to this for a year and plan to improve my skills with the face and the human body.  Should be a fun challenge.  Guess I’m fearless like that.  Lots of interesting instructors so I expect to get a board exposure which is always fun.  I think the discounted price is available through the end of December for a January class start date.  Go over there and check it out if you want! click here

Here’s what I have randomly produced this week ~ some inspiration from Gaudi’s windows at Sagrada Familia, the entrance to a church in Taos New Mexico USA, a friend complained about seeing to many cacti paintings so I rebelled and painted cacti and then some plants I’ve been thinking about…….never know when something done today will inspire weeks from now……

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