The Magic Moment

We’ve all been there.  I am going about the busy day, lots to see and do.  Then suddenly there is this special stillness in the air, the birds have settled down and I realize everything is golden.  I don’t believe I will EVER get used to the spectacular Arizona sunsets!  Friends from around the state (Gail, Sharon, Jane and Jeff) post pics to FB of the color extravaganza out their front doors……it may look a little different depending on our locale, but none the less, it is beyond description. Shimmer, a true sense of the magical, that we are so small compared to the mysteries of the universe, and yet so vital and irreplaceable,  this is what goes through my head.

I’ve posted a new piece of art to my Gallery and Shop.  Yes!  You guessed it!

“The Magic Moment”

The Magic Moment
THE MAGIC MOMENT, 11×14 watercolor ~~ You know the moment, it is just one.single.moment. You sense the specialness in the air….you look up and BAM! the sunset is spectacular. The shimmer, the magic of the stars just now showing up for their night watch. And then it’s gone. So many moments, so little time……*sigh*…it’s like that here in the American Southwest, magical.


Wherever this post finds you, I hope you are happy and well. 

Come back soon !!!!